With long experience in the field, our carpenters will resolve your needs in metal stud framing, structural or light gauge doesn’t matter, they are skilled and equipped with any tool needed for the job and the proper M.E.W.P and safety training.


Installations in high or lower ground do not represent an issue for our drywall professionals. They count with training in boom and scissor lift, fall protection and OSHA.

If repairs are needed our crews will make sure the work gets done the right way, we are not only experienced on build but also on restorations and maintenances of drywalls.

Once installation or reparation is done, the group of finishers will make sure every wall, corner and ceiling is smooth and ready to paint, independent of the finish level the project demand.


Being mineral fiber, fiberglass or metal, acoustic ceilings or interior and exterior panels are essential for any project today and our installers can handle this type of job due to their equipment and training on Mobile Elevating Work Platforms, scaffolding, ladders and fall protection.



If you look for resistance, and durability our plasters and stucco trades will make the difference with results that only years of experience bring.


When looking for acoustic or thermal insulations we are ready to work with your choice, our installers can manage any of the different types of insulation.


The last part of the construction process, but most noticeable for the public is the painting, whether is water, oil or acrylic latex based, NBS painters will make sure of deliver and outstanding outcome.


Ranging from taking care of the cleaning and preparation of the construction sites; loading and unloading of materials and equipment; construction and dismantling of scaffolding and temporary structures, as well as trenching, earth compaction, hole filling, masonry, and other requirements that the work involves, our general labors will always be there to lend a hand and work hard.